The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, witch

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A book unique among all books on prophecies and the future in that it is completely accurate to the letter. Written by Agnes Nutter, it recounts all of history's most important events up to and including the Apocalypse. However, there is an idiosyncratic twist in that while all the described events are 100% accurate, they are historically important only to her linear descendants. Thus, an entry that can be dated "22nd November 1963" says nothing about an assassination in Dallas, Texas, and everything about the need to avoid falling roof slates in Hull. This is because John Kennedy is not a descendant of Agnes, but Anathema's father, who was visiting Hull at the time, most definitely is, and needed to be warned about a more immediate risk.

In some ways, it is a spiritual link between Anathema and her ancestors, as they have throughout the book scrawled their own notes next to the passages. Including some encouragement on their parts for Anathema and Newton Pulsifer to enter in a relationship with each other.


The Device family have devised a complex reference system, with cross-references and all printed on small cards. It is easy to see why the family are extremely good at crossword puzzles...

Do Notte Buye Betamacks.

1002: He is Not that Which He Says He Is.

1111: An the Great Hound sharl coom, and the Two Powers sharl watch in Vane, for it Goeth where is its Master, Where they Wot Notte, and he sharl name it, True to Ittes Nature, and Hell sharl flee it.

2315: Sum say It cometh in London Town, or New Yorke, butte they be Wronge, for the plase is Taddes Fild , Stong in hys powr, he cometh like a knight inne the fief, he divideth the worlde into 4 parteth, he bringeth the storme.

3001: Behinde the Eagle's Neste a grate Ash hath fallen.

3017: I see Four Riding, bringing the Ende, and the Angells of Hell ride with them, And Three sharl rise. And Four and Four Together be Four, an the Dark Angel sharl Own Defeat, Yette the Manne sharl claim his Own.

I tell ye thif, and I charge ye with my words. Four shalle ryde, and Four shalle alfo ryde, and Three sharl ryde as twixt, and Wonne shal ryde in flames, and theyr shall be no stopping themme: not fish, nor rayne, nor rode, neither Deville nor Angel. And ye shalle be theyr alfo, Anathema.

3477: Lette the wheel of Fate turne, let harts enjoin, there are other fyres than mine; when the wynd blowethe the blossoms, reach oute one to anothere, for the calm cometh when Redde and Whyte and Blacke and Pale approache to Peas is Our Professioune.

3819: When Orient's chariot inverted be , four wheles in the sky, a man with bruises be upon Youre Bedde, achinge his Hedde for willow fine, a manne who testeth with a pyn yette his hart be clene, yette seed of myne own undoing, take the means of flame from himme for to mayk ryght certain, together ye sharle be, untyl the Ende that is to come.

3988: Whene menne of crocus come from the Earth and green manne frome thee Sky, yette ken not why, and Pluto's barres quitte the lightning castels, and sunken landes riseth, and Leviathan runneth free, and Brazil is vert, then Three cometh together and Four arise, upon iron horses ride; I tell you the ende draweth nigh.

Do Notte Buye Betamacks.

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