Abba Stronginthearm

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Abba Stronginthearm
Name Abba Stronginthearm
Race Dwarf
Occupation Watchman
Physical appearance
Residence Ankh Morpork
Death Night Watch
Marital Status
Books Men at Arms, The Fifth Elephant, Night Watch
Cameos Jingo

Abba Stronginthearm was a senior dwarf member of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, recruited back in the times when Carrot Ironfoundersson (then Corporal, Jingo, Night Watch). While initially something of a firebrand, involved in stoking up anti-Troll feeling amongst dwarfs in Ankh-Morpork, he was recruited into the Watch/militia to assist easing the resulting riots (see Men at Arms). Stronginthearm made it to being one of the senior dwarf sergeants, but then he was killed by the maniac, Carcer, whilst off duty (buying a rat pie) (in Night Watch).

He was described by Commander Vimes as "just a decent dwarf who was paid to be a copper."
He lived in New Cobblers with his parents.

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