Mr. Young

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Mr. Young
Name Mr. Young
Race British
Age middle-aged
Physical appearance
Residence Lower Tadfield, Tadfield Six double-six
Relatives Mrs. Deirdre Young
Children Adam Young, Sarah Young
Marital Status married
Books Good Omens

Mr. Young was the father of the antichrist. Seriously. Well - at least his child was mistakenly swapped at birth for the antichrist by the inept nun Sister Mary Loquacious at the Chattering Order of St. Beryl Satanic Nun's maternity ward. He brought up young Adam quite well considering... He wasn't present at the birth as he took the point of view that this was one joyous sharing life-affirming experience that Deirdre could have by herself, thank you very much.

Smokes a pipe and wears a moustache. Quite conscientiously English, in fact.

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