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50 Years of Terry is a year long celebration of Terry Pratchett, timed to begin on the 50th anniversary of the publication of his first novel, The Carpet People. It main consists of new paperback and audiobook editions of the Discworld novels, with new matching cover designs cover art designed by Leo Nickolls, referencing Paul Kidby's character designs, and published for the first time under the Penguin imprint.


This includes all publications explicitly announced to be part of the celebration, as well as those that happen within the period. These are based on announced publication dates for the UK; some regions seem to be getting the new editions a few months later.

16 November 2021
New audiobooks announced.
9 December 2021
Hogfather audiobook, narrated by Sian Clifford, with the same cover art as the 25th Anniversary edition of the book released on 15 October 2021.
1 March 2022
New paperback editions announced.
22 April 2022
Official start of 50 Years of Terry. Publication of new 50th anniversary edition of The Carpet People, and new audiobook read by David Tennant.
28 April 2022
New paperback editions of the Witches books Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad, Lords and Ladies, Maskerade and Carpe Jugulum, with matching audiobooks read by Indira Varma, as well as a new paperback of Small Gods with a matching audiobook read by Andy Serkis.
7 July 2022
New paperback editions of the Wizards books The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Sourcery, Interesting Times, The Last Continent and Unseen Academicals, with matching audiobooks read by Colin Morgan.
1st September 2022
Publication of Special Edition paperback of The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, featuring new illustrations by Laura Ellen Anderson and the story of how Terry came up with the idea, written by Rob Wilkins. Uses a version of the cover art from the 2018 Corgi edition.
29 September 2022
Publication of Terry Pratchett: A Life with Footnotes by Rob Wilkins, and the film tie-in edition of The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, with a cover using the logo and Maurice design from the film.
5 October 2022
New audiobook edition of The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents narrated by Ariyon Bakare (who plays Darktan in the film version). It has a cover matching the design of the other new editions, but its not clear when this version will be published.
27 October 2022
New paperback editions of the Death books Mort, Reaper Man, Soul Music, Hogfather and Thief of Time, with matching audiobooks read by Sian Clifford, including a reissue of the Hogfather audiobook with a matching cover.
3 November 2022
New edition of The Unadulterated Cat to tie-in with The Amazing Maurice film, with the title changed to the The Unadulterated Maurice and a new introduction by Rhianna Pratchett.
23 February 2023
New paperback editions and matching audiobooks of the standalone books Pyramids, Moving Pictures, The Truth (read by Mathew Baynton) and Monstrous Regiment (read by Katherine Parkinson), and the Moist von Lipwig books Going Postal, Making Money and Raising Steam (all read by Richard Coyle, reprising his role as Moist von Lipwig from Going Postal). (These are set to be published between May and June 2023 in Australia.)
22 April 2023
New paperback editions of the Watch books Guards! Guards!, Men at Arms, Feet of Clay, Jingo, The Fifth Elephant, Night Watch, Thud! and Snuff, and the Tiffany Aching books The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith, I Shall Wear Midnight and The Shepherd's Crown, all with matching audiobooks (readers TBA).

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