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'''Badger & Normal''' is an Ankh-Morpork pyrotechnics firm manufacturing signal flares and rockets for the military and industry, and presumably artistic fireworks. Being in a business fraught with some risk, they obviously employ members of the [[Guild of Lawyers]] to create carefully worded instructions for their products. The shell [[Samuel Vimes|Sam]] uses to dispatch [[Wolfgang von Überwald]] is labelled "''Mortar Flare (Red). Light Fuse. Do Not Place in Mouth.''"
#REDIRECT [[Badger & Normal]]
== Some of the silly places people have inserted fireworks ==
There's always one, isn't there...  Private Eye once reported on the case of the young man, fuelled by drink and bravado, who chose to insert the base of a Roman Candle into a most ill-advised place. He dropped his trousers, bent over, inserted lit firework, and clenched hard...
...a hospital spokesman later said his condition was satisfactory, although loss of a testicle and a lower length of bowel necessitating a colostomy insertion would remain a lifelong problem.
There may well be a need for those warnings...
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