Bandits' Guild

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Operates in a licensing style similar to the Thieves' Guild. The rates for stagecoaches going out of Ankh-Morpork are high because a payment to Bandits' Guild is included in the ticket prices. Coach ticket from Ankh-Morpork to Lancre, for example, is 50 A-M Dollars, with 40 of those a "flat rate" payment to the Bandits' Guild. In this case a “flat rate” means you pay it or you're flat.

Even after that payment, Bandits typically wait in the road and besiege the coach. This is done in order to provide the travelers with an authentic hold-up in the hopes that the passengers will consider it an interesting experience in an otherwise dull journey and believe they have gotten their money's worth.

The identities of leaders and enforcers of the Bandits' Guild are not in general knowledge. For an explanation and narration of the operations of Bandits' Guild, see Lords and Ladies.

One of the rules is that Wizards are not allowed to use magic except in desperate or life-threatening ribbit.....

Mustrum Ridcully has not heard of this rule, and neither does he want to hand over $AM 40. Therefore he most any bandit will get from him is a short intense look at the knob on the end of his staff, and a moment of dawning oh stercus... revelation that Wizards do not like being mugged...