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[[Category:Discworld characters]]
[[Category:Discworld characters]]

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In Making Money, a student wizard in the Department of Post-Mortem Communications. He chose his degree option on the grounds that the hooded all-black robes and the skull ring would make him a "babe magnet". It can therefore be deduced that either the sort of babes he wishes to attract will require a shovel as part of any wooing strategy, or that Necromancy, whoops, Post-Mortem Communications, attracts student wizards (and presumably groupies) of a certain Gothic turn of mind and dress.

Despite only having turned in two-thirds of an essay all term, and that as part of a group effort, his graduation as a Doctor of Post-Mortem Communications, with straight A's and skull ring, is virtually assured. This is after painstakingly discussing the ethics of Insorcism with his tutor , Professor John Hicks, who is morally and professionally bound to set the concerns of his students at rest concerning the morality of a practice which Mustrum Ridcully and the College Council has emphatically banned. So emphatically, in fact, that the merest whisper or loose talk of an Insorcism having been performed within the city would pull down Ridcully's wrath upon his Professor of Post-Mortem Communications. And my, undergraduate students can be so indiscreet, can't they?