Bill Rincewind

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Bill Rincewind appears briefly in The Last Continent. He is the Archchancellor of Bugarup University, and probably, like Lavaeolus, a relative of Rincewind.

He is also mentioned in Unseen Academicals. Ridcully is quite happy for Bill to call himself Archchancellor as he is on another continent, i.e. a long way away. They correspond and also send each other unpopular students as part of an exchange program. The rise of Brazeneck College in Pseudopolis, and the Dean calling himself 'Archchancellor' is a totally different matter...


There is a mild British affliction of having a distant relative in Austalia, from whom you may get the odd postcard or second cousin who wants to see Europe and has turned up to stay for the week. With their mate Bruce, and his girlfriend Shelia.

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