Billy Wiglet

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There's a set in every barracks or squadroom everywhere: the very tall, gangly one and the little stubby one. In the old Treacle Mine Road Watch House, when Sam Vimes was a recruit, the tall one was Horace Nancyball, the short guy was Billy Wiglet. Billy was a little older; he had been a fruit porter downtown for two years before the prospect of ruined knees and lungs caused him to join the Watch, and he had two years' service thereafter. He was a local boy, like most of them, from the same poor working class as Horace and Fred Colon and Sam.

Like the rest, he joined for a regular salary and the relaxed working conditions of the day. He had no plan to protect and serve, or be any kind of hero, but when the Glorious Revolution imposed itself on him, he saw what he thought was the right thing to do: stick by your mates. He was killed in the first volley when the Watchmen were ambushed by Carcer's squad on the 25th of May.