Blown Away

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Blown Away is one of the filmes of CMOT Dibbler during the heady rush of the Moving Pictures era. It has the sort of over-the-top title beloved of Dibbler - and certain Roundworld summer blockbuster movie companies. The idea came to Dibbler during the night, so the first draft of the screenplay was written all over his bedsheets (as well as his bed). It's a sprawling Civil War drama that culminates in the spectacular burning of the city, leaving old ways and a whole culture gone with the wind. Dibbler's plan to include a thousand historically unlikely elephants in the twenty-reeler's final battle scene has unfortunate ramifications all the way to Howondaland.


There are, in fact, two "real" films called Blown Away, although the Roundworld equivalent of Dibbler's Magnum Opus would be Gone with the Wind.