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A collection of short fiction from 1963 to 2009, with cover art showing Terry sitting at a desk, while the back shows a slightly cartoony drawing of Death.



The collection contains a short story, Final Reward, in which an author of heroic fantasy fiction decides to kill off the barbarian hero who made his literary name, so as to focus on more serious writings. And then the Barbarian Hero turns up on his doorstep to complain about being killed off....

Compare this story told about Robert E. Howard, creator of the ur-barbarian hero, Conan of Cimmeria.

"He's alone one night, and he feels a shadow overtake him from behind, and he knows that Conan stands behind him, with a large axe. And Conan tells him "Stay there, and write!""

(Quoted in the journal of weird things, Fortean Times, January 2013, p53.)

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