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==Main Characters==
==Main Characters==
*[[Pictsies|Feegles: The Chalk Hill Clan]]
**[[Rob Anybody]] - big man of the clan.
**[[Big Yan]] - biggest feegle.
**[[Daft Wullie]] - second in command.
**[[Hamish]] the Aviator - scout and messenger.
**[[Awf'ly Wee Billy Bigchin]] - very small gonnagle.
**[[Jeannie]] - New Kelda of Chalk Hill, married to Rob Anybody.
*[[Tiffany Aching]]
*[[Tiffany Aching]]
*[[Granny Weatherwax]]
*[[Granny Weatherwax]]
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*[[Letice Earwig]]
*[[Letice Earwig]]
*[[Perspicacia Tick]]
*[[Perspicacia Tick]]
*[[Pictsies|Feegles: The Chalk Hill Clan]]
*[[Hiver|The Hiver ]]
*[[Hiver|The Hiver ]]

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Book:A Hat Full of Sky
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Publisher Doubleday
Publication date 29th April 2004
ISBN 0385607369
Pages 349
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Main characters Tiffany Aching
Series Tiffany Series
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All data relates to the first UK edition.


A real witch can ride a broomstick, cast spells and make a proper shamble out of nothing.

Eleven-year-old Tiffany Aching can't.

A real witch never casually steps out of her body, leaving it empty.

Tiffany does.

And there's something just waiting for a handy body to take over. Something ancient and horrible, which can't die.

Now she's got to fight back and learn to be a real witch really quickly, with the help of arch-witch Mistress Weatherwax and the truly amazing Miss Level...

"Crivens! And us!"

Oh, yes. And the Nac Mac Feegle – the rowdiest, toughest, smelliest bunch of fairies ever to be thrown out of Fairyland for being drunk at two in the afternoon. They'll fight anything.

And even they might not be enough...

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