Book:A Practical Manual for the Modern Witch

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Mentioned on the Discworld Emporium "About Us" page and according to Amazon due for release 20 August 2015. An extract from the Amazon page describes it thus:

... 2016's diary gives a long-awaited insight into the wit and wisdom of some of the Discworld's most-loved characters, the Witches.
Or, as Granny Weatherwax puts it:
"I don't hold with diaries. If a witch don't know where she's been or where she should be, no amount of writing it down in long and diverse letters will make any difference.
There are some who say that making a note of birthdays and the like will mean you get a lot of presents but I think Gytha is wrong.
But suit yourself.
Personally I can't be doing with it."
~ Esme Weatherwax