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Terry Pratchett's Folio
Co-author(s) Rob Wilkins
Publisher [[]]
Publication date August 2014
ISBN [1]
Pages 48
RRP £25.00 (when briefly sold on
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

Terry Pratchett's Folio, also known as the 'MMXIV Green Folio,' was a gift given to attendees to the Discworld 2014 convention. It contained several pieces of unpublished material. Copies were issued with a special bookmark themed after the 2014 Discworld Convention which read on the rear A prefent from Sir Terry Pratchett OBE.




The Bifurcated Trousers of Storytelling

The Skeleton in the Cavern


Terry Pratchett by Rob Wilkins

A Little Advice for Life

An Ode to Multiple Universes

Publication History

This was originally given as gift to the attendees of the UK Discworld Convention, similar to Once More* *with Footnotes, of which around 800 copies were given out. Several were then sold on with the proceeds going to the RICE Centre in Bath. The last fifty were given out to the first attendees of the Australian Discworld Convention 2015.

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