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{{Book Data
{{Book Data
|title= The Carpet People
|title=The Carpet People
|cover=[[File:Carpet People Cover.jpg|200px]]
|cover=[[File:Carpet People Cover.jpg|240px|thumb|Cover by Josh Kirby]]
|date= 1971
|publisher= Colin Smythe
|isbn= 0552551058
|pages= 200
|publisher=Colin Smythe
|characters= [[Snibril]], [[Glurk]], [[Pismire]], [[Brocando]]
|series=The Carpet People
|characters=[[Snibril]], [[Glurk]], [[Pismire]], [[Brocando]]
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* [[Burned End]], source of wood
* [[Burned End]], source of wood
* [[Tregon Marus]]
* [[Tregon Marus]]
==Illustrated Edition==
Published in 2009 [[Book:The Carpet People Illustrated Edition|''The Carpet People Illustrated Edition'']] features a new cover and fifteen pages of coloured illustrations by [[Terry Pratchett]] himself that were drawn for the first edition of 'The Carpet People' in 1971.
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP First Edition.jpg|thumb|130px|First Edition Cover by [[Terry Pratchett]]]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP Proof.jpg|thumb|120px|Book Proof]]
| valign="top" | [[File:Carpet People Cover.jpg|120px|thumb|Cover by [[Josh Kirby]]]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP Tape.jpg|thumb|130px|Audio Cassette]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP CD.jpg|thumb|140px|Audio CD]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP Kirby.jpg|thumb|120px|Paperback]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP Zoom.jpg|thumb|110px|Paperback]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP Slip.jpg|140px|thumb|Collectors Slipcase]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP DW.jpg|thumb|120px|Cover by David Wyatt]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP DW2.jpg|thumb|120px|Cover by David Wyatt-paperback]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP MB.jpg|thumb|120px|Cover by Mark Beech]]
| valign="top" | [[File:TCP 50.jpg|thumb|120px|50th Anniversary Edition]]

[[Category:Books by Terry Pratchett|Carpet People, The]]
[[Category:Books by Terry Pratchett|Carpet People, The]]

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The Carpet People
Cover by Josh Kirby
Publisher Colin Smythe
Publication date 1971
ISBN 0552551058
Pages 200
Main characters Snibril, Glurk, Pismire, Brocando
Series The Carpet People
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

The Carpet People was first published in 1971 by Colin Smythe Ltd., and was Pratchett's debut novel. It was heavily revised and republished in 1992. The original was an ode rather than a satire to Tolkien.


In the beginning there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet ...

That's the old story everyone knows and loves (even if they don't really believe it). But now the Carpet is home to many different tribes and peoples and there's a new story in the making. The story of the Fray, sweeping a trail of destruction across the Carpet. The story of power-hungry mouls - and of two Munrung brothers, who set out on an adventure to end all adventures when their village is flattened

It's a story that will come to a terrible end - if someone doesn't do something about it. It everyone doesn't do something about it ...


Various animals, such as pones, snargs, hymetors, etc.


Illustrated Edition

Published in 2009 The Carpet People Illustrated Edition features a new cover and fifteen pages of coloured illustrations by Terry Pratchett himself that were drawn for the first edition of 'The Carpet People' in 1971.


First Edition Cover by Terry Pratchett
Book Proof
Cover by Josh Kirby
Audio Cassette
Audio CD
Collectors Slipcase
Cover by David Wyatt
Cover by David Wyatt-paperback
Cover by Mark Beech
50th Anniversary Edition