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The Josh Kirby Poster Book
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Illustrator(s) Josh Kirby
Publisher Corgi
Publication date November 1989
ISBN 0552993824
Pages 32
RRP £7.95
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

The Josh Kirby Poster Book was published in 1989, the book comprises of thirteen medium sized posters which are of Josh Kirby's illustrtations for several Discworld and non-Discworld Terry Pratchett novels. The last three are of close ups of characters from some of these illustrations. The book also contains two introductions one by Josh Kirby and the other by Terry Pratchett. Some of these illustrations were reprinted in other works such as The Josh Kirby Discworld Portfolio.


The Discworld Novels:

1.The Colour of Magic

2.The Light Fantastic

3.Equal Rites



6.Wyrd Sisters


Other Novels:

8.The Dark Side of the Sun



Discworld Characters:

11.The Luggage


13.Rincewind and Twoflower