Book:The Unadulterated Cat

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The Unadulterated Cat
Cover art 2002 reprint
Co-author(s) None
Illustrator(s) Gray Jolliffe
Publisher Victor Gollancz
Publication date 1989
ISBN 0752853694
Pages 160
RRP £3.99
Main characters
Series [[:Category:|]]
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All data relates to the first UK edition.


The book of the Campaign to Save Real Cats.

Not fluffy cute little TV advert cats but real hissing and clawing cats. The sort that not only catch mice, but also disembowel, eat and then bring the skin, and miscellaneous choice inner parts, home, to leave on your pillow as a present.

Also see

In the Discworld, Greebo and You are both in their distinctive ways Real Cats.

Achmed I Just Get These Headaches created a book of humorous cat stories.

In 1992 the book was reprinted with revised text.

In 2002 a hardback reprint of the book was released with additional illustrations.


First Edition cover by Gray Jolliffe