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Bravd the Hublander, as drawn by Matt Smith
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Mentioned in The Colour of Magic, Bravd the Hublander is a barbarian hero. As thick as two short planks, if the planks are very thick. In other words, your typical barbarian hero. He is accompanied by his friend - or, at least, accomplice - Weasel. He is the taller and more muscular of the two and carries a large sword almost as tall as a man.

Bravd and Weasel are parodies of the popular sword & sorcery heroes Fafhrd and Gray Mouser created by Fritz Leiber, Bravd being very similar to Fafhrd and Weasel having some affinity with Gray Mouser.

He and his partner Weasel are the first two characters named and described in the Discworld series.