Brother Dunnikin

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A small man accompanied by constant muttered complaints and his own cloud of halitosis, and a member of the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night.

Given his day job, his fellow Brethren should be relieved that the only unpleasant smell is that of halitosis. In Pyramids, we learn about the Guild of Plumbers and Dunnikindivers and what the latter half of this guild does for a living.

It is perhaps a shame that Brother Dunnikin was flamed by the dragon before he could be offered a lucrative foreign consultation job by the Guild, (ie, a trip to Djelibeybi as described in Pyramids), that just might have taken him well away from a lot of trouble, and a few inconvenient interviews (had he survived the dragon...) On the other hand, Brother Dunnikin has become an irresistible target for crocodiles due to the narrative causality resulting from draining the magic from a crocodile-repelling amulet, so it is debatable whether a visit to a country full of allegedly sacred crocodiles would be much of an improvement of the situation.


In Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, the chief of the Sewer Folk that infest London Below is also called Dunnikin. This is probably due to Morphic resonance.