Brotherhood of Infernal Zoth, the Undying Renderer

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The Brotherhood of Infernal Zoth, the Undying Renderer, were an order of religious contemplatives who were the previous tenants of a site in Ankh-Morpork which is now occupied by the Guild of Fools and Joculators and College of Clowns. Little is known about this Order of monks, as in 1547 they were wiped out in their entirety by a mysterious fire and a highly localised earthquake. It is possible that, like the Jesuits or the Dominicans on Roundworld, their religious contemplations were designed to bring them into a state of ecstatic union with an aspect of the Godhead through which the essential character of the Deity would manifest on earth, for the mystical rapture of the monk and the spiritual education of the laity. This being the Discworld, it is thought that the monks collectively channelled the essential character of Infernal Zoth far too directly and, as it turned out, terminally.

Shortly after the dissolution of the monastic order, the site and the remains of the monastery were bought up suspiciously cheaply by the Guild of Fools, who saved what was useful of the old occupants, such as the Chamber of Spikes and the monks' cells, and built up the rest according to their own design. (Although noted architect Bergholt Stuttley Johnson, some time later, was responsible for the current facade of the Guild as it stands today).

Prior to its use by the monks, some of the oldest city records note that a building mysteriously known only as the Plague House stood on the site, at the intersection of God Street and Widdershins Broadway.

All in all, an impeccable past history for a Guild pledged to bring is own unique brand of entertainment to the world, whether the World wants it or not.