Campaign for Equal Heights

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An interest group aiming to reduce discrimination against dwarfs. The Campaign is mostly run by humans who think that the dwarfs are being exploited, looked down on, or otherwise unfairly dealt with. It is interesting that the Campaign might be discriminating against humans. One time, the Campaign lobbied that dwarf members of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch should be sent to investigate only crimes committed by tall people. Dwarfs themselves don't care much about what the Campaign is doing; they only want to work and send more money home. The Campaign had a fallout over the case of one Mr. Thomas Stronginthearm (Feet of Clay), but continues to be active.

A very active and equally officious member of the group is Estressa Partleigh, who vexes Moist von Lipwig with the demand that the Post Office should employ more Dwarfs. Her logic is typical of the CEH: that as dwarfs are on average two-thirds the height of humans, true employment parity may only be achieved if the Post Office, as a responsible employer, hires three dwarfs for every two humans. Some people have too much time on their hands...