Cauliflower the Clown

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Caulflower the Clown is host, guide and Best Pal to little children everywhere at the theme park of Brassica World in Big Cabbage. We are told in Making Money that some little children actually stop screaming for long enough to adopt a catatonic look of surfeited horror at the sight of his huge head.

Given that he identifies himself as a Clown, this must be a graduate of the Fools' Guild, or he would not be able to claim the distinction. At least, not for very long, once the Jolly Good Pals get to hear of an unlicenced practitioner.

So we now have the awesome prospect that the Fools' Guild, in addition to Fools, Clowns, Joculators, Minstrels and Mime Artists, also trains and educates otherwise rational people to get into the silly costumes provided and act as hosts and guides at theme parks. (A similar process may explain Disney World's people in the Mickey and Donald costumes).

There is an illustration by Peter Dennis on page 101 of Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook which goes some way to explaining why Cauliflower the Clown and his friend Billy Broccoli induce seizures in young children. Just behind them in the illustration is a third and unidentified theme park host, who looks something like a maggot or caterpillar with glasses.