Cheerful Fairy

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Cheerful Fairy
The Cheerful Fairy and Blue Bird of Happiness by Kit Cox
Name Cheerful Fairy
Race Fairy
Occupation Making people cheerful (although not very good at it)
Physical appearance Short,plump,very small wings
Death No god ever truly dies but she disappeared at the reinstatement of the Hogfather
Marital Status
Books Hogfather

Miss Smith (her first name is unknown) the Cheerful Fairy and her Blue Bird of Happiness (actually a hen, rather than sialia sialis or similar) were brought into being during the events of Hogfather. The Cheerful Fairy was plump with sensible shoes, tweed skirt, cardigan and a set of ineffective gossamer wings. She looked just like your first schoolteacher and wasn't very good at her job. Despite all this the Senior Wrangler seemed to take quite a shine to her. Although her situation of vanishing when sustained by only one person's belief may spell doom for Bilious, it is more likely that the Senior Wrangler did not really believe in her. He probably just took the same attitude towards her as wizards, policemen and witches take towards the gods in general; that, or he simply couldn't quite believe his luck that someone of a female persuasion was interested in him.