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A business associate of Catseye, and a technical innovator. Reflecting on the inconvenience arising from people in concrete ‘overshoes’ rising to the surface piecemeal, he reasoned that enough chickenwire could keep things together and give the crabs a chance.

He met his end in a nightmare cupboard in the Tower of Teeth and since the domain of the Tooth Fairy had no place for death, his corpse appeared in the Bursar’s cupboard in the Unseen University, bringing a new element into the Hogswatch Eve game of sardines.


There is an outside chance that the name of this villain has a family connection with the Damon Runyon character Ropes McGonigle. Ropes McGonigle was a specialist in tying up people in sacks in such a way that they strangled themselves in trying to get free.

There is, of course, also that thing they do on the Counterweight Continent that involves a chickenwire waistcoat and a cheese-grater. Perhaps Chickenwire, or his parents, heard a garbled version of this...