Clockmakers' Guild

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One of the many guilds in Ankh-Morpork, this group's concerns are clockmaking and clockwork machinery. There is no mention of their making toys and items like locks, which may fall under the purview of the Artificers' Guild instead.

As its members are typically self-employed craftsmen, the Clockmakers' Guild is not concerned with setting wages or fees but functions primarily in an educational capacity, both providing a basic education to members' children & foundlings and providing "Continuing Education" to its practicing members.

The Guild, like any other, is a caring institution that will also obtain the appropriate medical intervention for a member in distress and ensure that a member takes his medicine regularly. It will be especially punctilious in this, if the alternative is a distressing incident and a sudden dramatic decrease in the number of Guild members.

An anonymous Guild member - or members - are responsible for devising the clock in Vetinari's waiting room - the one with the very slightly irregular "tick-tock" which you barely notice at first but which, while waiting for your always slightly un-nerving interview, will grow on you, like the Chinese water torture... Vetinari is believed to have paid most handsomely for such an example of craftsmanship.

The most famous member to date was Jeremy Clockson, a foundling educated by the Guild who turned out to be a son of Time. Another member of repute was former civic hangman Hepzibah Whitlow, whose observations revolutionised the accuracy of the long-case ("Grandfather") clock. Least well-known of the famous clockmakers is Wilframe Balderton, who invented the Fish Tail Escapement device after having a nightmare about fish.

The current Guild Secretary is Dr Hopkins.

Possibly also known as the Watchmakers' Guild, unless the building passed by William de Worde in a brief scene from The Truth was a, sister, subsidiary or rival enterprise.