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Appearing in Discworld Noir, Condo is a Dark Clerk working in the palace for the Patrician. He is first encountered by Inspector Lewton when he over hears him discussing with Coom all the extra surveillance paperwork and forms a certain detective is creating for them.

It later emerges that Condo is a member of the Followers of Anu-anu and nominated his fellow clerk, Cipher, to be murdered as one of the eight ritual deaths required as part of their plot to raise Nylonathatep so that their god, Anu-anu, may gain power.

When the summoning went horribly wrong and Nylonathatep is instead unleashed on the city, Condo is confronted by Lewton and admits that this was his plan all along. In truth, he was a member of an older group, The Dark Sect, whose only goal was to release Nylonathatep so that it could destroy the world.

He also took the precaution of arming himself with a silver-tipped crossbow, knowing of Lewton's werewolf nature. In the final desperate struggle with Lewton, Condo is on recorded has having said:

'It's not like the clickies, Lewton. The good guys don't always win!'