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Once there was only one known type of Creapi, living in barbarism and molten phosphorous sulphides on a small world out in the 70 Opiuchi system. This was at about the same time that the human race was just getting around to banging the rocks together.

The Creapii are kindly, patient, intensely curious and pathologically humble. Which is not a bad combination in a race whose technology far outstrips humanity and whose powers are super-human. When the spread into space, they simply redesigned themselves to fit the changing situations they encountered.

Half a million years of forced evolution has created the middle-degree Creaps, who are happy at a mere 500 degrees C. The divergent High-Degree Creapii will live on the outer surfaces of relatively cool stars. Wherever a star pushes the ambient temperature to beyond the melting point of tin, there you will find Creapii. In fact, they bartered with the human race, who were happy to sign over squatters' rights to the planet Mercury in exchange for Creap technology.

They are polite, gentlemanly in their dealings, mix well, and have no genders.