Creek Alley

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Creek Alley, in mapp reference *F6, is on the fringes of the Shades and connects Gleam and Easy Streets, just toward the river from Cable Street. It's a dull street, made up of high-window warehouses and broken-down sheds, and home of Hobson's Livery Stable.


Creek Alley. Hmmm. It's tempting to speculate that Agnes Nitt might have lodged here in her time in Ankh-Morpork... no-one's gettin' fat except Agnes Nitt? Listen to the song here. And the often-tense relationship between Mama Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips is reflected in the Discworld when Agnes Nitt, by far the better voice which carries the act, but with the homely look, has to stand back and let the less vocally talented but more visually attractive Christine take centre-stage...

And after every number, they'd pass the hat...