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Runs the pub in Dijabringabeeralong.

Wears quite possibly the most unique shorts in the world, on acount of his species. This calls for a tailor who can accomodate very short legs and a massive reptilian tail.

He took quite a shine to Rinso and even gave him a few free beers.

Was heard to compliment Rinso on his wizardly abilities (actually Trickster working to protect him from harm) and wistfully remark Wish I could do that, mate.

Considering elsewhere on the Disc there is such an entity as Offler the Crocodile-headed God who can do all this and more, this speaks volumes for how long XXXX has been cut off from the rest of the Discworld.

A lot of the drinkers in the pub are actually humanoid animals. Considering that elsewhere on the disc (Genua) these have usually been created by Lily Weatherwax and are somewhere on the far side of insane, (or else are the insane animal-headed Gods of Djelibeybi), it's interesting to ponder on how well-adjusted they are by comparison. Nothing is said on how they came into being, though.