Death (Roundworld)

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This is the aspect of Death who appears on Roundworld and who has a cameo appearance in Johnny and the Dead‎.

Death appears, fittingly, on the morning after Hallowe'en, to tidy up the loose ends in Blackbury Cemetery and to usher the recently unleashed spirits of The Dead along to the next phase in their afterlives. He makes His appearance in a strange vessel on the canal running behind the cemetery, which he pushes along with a gondolier's pole.

As in all his other appearances, he talks like this . In fact he has quite a long chat with, or rather a long listen to, the shade of William Stickers. He agrees the pay for ushering the spirits of the dead across the River is quite shocking (although not specified, we know the going rate is two small coins per person and hasn't gone before a review board in, oooh, millennia). However, He declines the offer to have an outboard motor placed on the Barge of the Dead, so as to boost productivity to Stakhonovite levels.


A gondola, appearing on a murky canal in an industrialized part of the North of England. Hmmm. There was an advert on British TV for Boddington's Beer ("the cream of Manchester") which sounds suspiciously similar[1]...