Devious Collabone

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"Dragonbreath" Collabone
Devious H. Collabone, as drawn by Matt Smith
Name Devious H. Collabone
Race Human
Occupation Wizard
Physical appearance
Marital Status
Books Going Postal

A wizard whose nickname at Unseen University was Dragonbreath. Professor Collabone's unfortunate halitosis compelled Mustrum Ridcully to send him on an indefinite research assignment looking at shellfish in a swamp near Genua. Here his nose swelled up and became bright red, and his eyes never ceased to weep due to his being allergic to the shellfish.

As Ridcully said, nobody's going to mind out there, least of all the shellfish Collabone was ostensibly sent to study.

He came to prominence as the goal in the contest between the Post Office and the Grand Trunk as to who could get a message to Genua the fastest.

Faced with the message planted by Moist von Lipwig and having to read it out to an audience including the Patrician, Reacher Gilt and the Board of the Grand Trunk, Collabone falters, and his nerve has to be restored by successive academic advancements to Doctor and then Professor. These were conferred with the minimum of ceremony by Ridcully, who had a look on his face that dared anyone to argue with him, as his staff was fully charged for toad-hood. However, Collabone's pleas to return home were unheard. Perhaps reception on the omniscope was breaking up....