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So, you want to start contributing to the wiki? Great!

So, how do I edit a page?

On top of the page you'll find an "edit" link. Clicking on that edits the whole page. Pages with subsections also have a per-section "edit" link, which is a bit easier.

[Dearie, dearie. I couldn't find it until I'd created an account and logged in. I WAS being dim, but it took me days to work it out.]

The text uses Wiki-formatting. You don't have to know it all, as there's a small button bar which can insert the right code to, for example, bold text. One of the most important codes is [[this one]], which translates the text between the brackets to a link to another page in this wiki.

Before saving, always click on "show preview" to check whether the changes you made look good and contain no spelling errors. If it looks good, click on "save page" and the content is there for everybody to enjoy.

If you want to try something, please use the Sandbox. It is meant specifically to try things out and mess about. If you're looking for articles to start editing on, look at the Featured Article on the Main Page or browse the Stubs category which contains articles which are in need of adding and editing.

So, how do I create a new page?

We'd prefer it if the articles that are already there are improved first. If it's really necessary to create a new page, simply make a link to it. For example, it you want to write a new article about Treacle Mine Road, find an article which mentions it and make a link out of it (by enclosing the word or words in [[]]. Save the page, and when you click on the freshly made link, you'll be taken to the new page and can start editing.

Another way is to type the page title you want to use in the search box on the left and click "Go" (or press enter). If the page doesn't exist, you'll be offered to start it on the search result page. Don't forget to link other pages to the new page.

Do not create new pages which aren't linked anywhere in the wiki! The great thing about the wiki is that articles interlink, are connected to other articles, which makes browsing easier with the added bonus of being able to discover something new on the way. An article which isn't linked is practically unfindable, while the whole point of the wiki is to make information available.

So, how do I become an all powerful sysop that everybody should bow to?

That's entirely up to me. If I notice your contributions you'll get promoted eventually.

So, where do I find more about editing a wiki?

There's the Editing help link at the top of the edit page.

But I'm only here to browse and research. How do I find the information I'm looking for?

Welcome, Researcher! Can we remind you

  • A good starting point is to enter the term you want to use in the search box on the left, and click "Go" (or press enter). If the page doesn't exist, perhaps try a related search term, or check your spelling.
  • There is also the edited list of categories that offers an alternative form of searching, although we concede these are not perfect.
  • You can get there in a sneaky sideways sort of way by going to Bibliography for the title of the book where you know or suspect your reference is, opening the page, and checking out the cross-references.
  • As this is a work in progress, while it's fairly full and comprehensive, it's neither complete not finished. We look on it like painting the Forth Bridge. If you've searched and cross-referenced and still can't find the reference... well, why not go back to point one and add it?
  • If it's already there, don't worry: the new pages are regularly patrolled and sysop/admins are usually on hand for guidance. We don't shout at you for being enthusiastic and making little mistakes!