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Hound of Hell
Name Dog
Race Canine
Occupation Protect and obey the Antichrist
Physical appearance small, "a pedigree mongrel", with one out-turned ear
Residence with Adam Young, Lower Tadfield
Marital Status
Books Good Omens

Dog, a Hound of Hell and pet of Adam Young. He was designed in the bowels of Hell to obey and follow the voice of his master, Adam Young, the Antichrist. He began life as a large, black, ferocious, dog-shaped beast however, upon overhearing Adam's description of his ideal pet, Dog became a small, fun, rat-chasing mongrel, with one out-turned ear with the alteration drastically changing Dog's personality and attitude towards the world.

The idea of a hellhound arriving at the place where the earthly Antichrist is growing up seems to derive from Mrs. Baylock's Rottweiler in The Omen (the dog actually arrives before Mrs. B., at the point where the previous nanny hangs herself), while Dog's cheery "pedigree mongrel" appearance comes from William's dog Jumble in Just William.

When The Omen was remade, a wolflike hound appeared before Nanny topped herself, but Mrs Baylock still has a Rottweiler. It is unclear whether it's two hellhounds, a hellhound and a dog or a shape-changing hellhound.


All down the east coast of England you will find a variant of the legend of Black Shuck, a huge black hell-hound with glowing red eyes, the merest sight of whom means death, and the sound of whose howl may bring insanity.

In Bram Stoker's Dracula, when the Count lands in England, at Whitby, he adopts the form of a huge black dog with red eyes, running away from a ship all of whose crew are dead and drained of blood.

Conan Doyle's Hound of the Baskervilles is another re-interpretation of Black Shuck, the hell-hound, but transplanted to Dartmoor.