Dolores Smother

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Quite possibly operating outside the jurisdiction of the Seamstresses' Guild, Mrs Smother - the "Mrs" could be a self-granted trade honorific - operates a tent of ill repute serving the Borogravian army besieging the fortress at Kneck.

The tired-looking day-shift are called Faith, Prudence, Grace and Comfort. Jackrum guesses that two of the night shift will be called Hope and Charity. The irresistible question is whether the other two night-shift girls are called Tubso and Bissonomy...

It is clear that Dolores is not a Guild member or she wouldn't try to rob the customers - the Guild might trade in immorality, but it has a strict ethic about this sort of thing. Clearly an unlicensed Seamstress is as much trouble for the unwary as an unlicensed thief...