Duke of Sto Helit

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Duke of Sto Helit
Name Duke of Sto Helit
Race Human
Occupation Duke
Physical appearance
Residence Sto Helit
Death Life-timer shattered during duel between Mort and Death


Parents {{{parents}}}
Relatives King Olerve the Bastard (d), Keli, second cousin Jamie
Marital Status
Books Mort

The Duke of Sto Helit, real name not given,? is an important character featured in the novel Mort.

The Duke is the brother of the monarch of Sto Helit, King Olerve the Bastard, and the uncle of Princess Keli. The Duke hires an assassin to kill his brother, setting up the events of the novel. The Duke then sends another assassin to kill the princess in her sleep but she is saved by Mort who kills the assassin instead. However this causes problems as Keli was destined to die and Mort's actions cause time to rebel creating two different presents, in the second Mort sees changes the would have occurred? had the Duke ascended to the throne such as the pub ?The Quene's Head becoming The Duke's Head.

At Keli's coronation the Duke attempts a second assassination but this fails as she is transported to Death's Domain by Mort and Ysabell. The Duke is later killed when his Life-timer is destroyed during the duel between Death and his apprentice.

Despite his evil the Duke was destined in another future? to have united all of the Sto Plains duchies and small kingdoms into a large single Kingdom. In order to appease the Gods who rewrote time at the end of the story Death charges Mort, Ysabell, Keli and Cutwell with ensuring that this future comes to pass. They appear to have succeeded in this as in later books Queen Keli is now known as 'Her Supreme Majesty, Queen Kelirehenna I, Lord of Sto Lat, Protector of the Eight Protectorates and Empress of the Long Thin Debated Piece Hubwards of Sto Kerrig.'