Dwarf Chocolate

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Dwarf Chocolate takes the form of pointed flat triangles of an incredibly hard dark brown substance protruding from a base slab like serrated teeth of a very emphatic club. In fact, it has been employed as a weapon of war along the lines of Dwarf Bread. Combat Confectionery, it appears, is also a Dwarfish speciality. The stuff is indeed chocolate and does melt in the mouth. Eventually. But the Chocolate Museum in Bonk warns that cases of perforated palate or broken teeth can result from unwise attempts to eat the stuff as if it were conventional chocolate. They sell it in the form of "small souvenir bars in the shape of a small mountain range" to be bought and consumed at your own risk. They advise that it also contains nuts. Which cannot be guaranteed to be almonds. You have been warned.


Anyone who has tried to eat the Swiss delight known as Toblerone chocolate will instantly know what is being parodied here. It does taste of chocolate and it does melt and soften. Eventually.