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Ember has thirty-two days, and is a month of the Discworld year roughly analogous to our November. It is preceded by Sektober and succeeded by December. The Celebrated Discworld Almanak notes it is the month known as the Preacher, as it can be cold, dull and wet. Potatoes may be harvested with due thanks to Epidity, but in the main this is a fallow month of clearing and cleansing. Apparently it is a very good month for harvesting nuts and edible fungi. But beware the gripenut and the fact that the deathcap may be distinguished from the Horse Truffle only by close examination of the gollets, which, as you would expect, turn purple if pressed with the back of a silver spoon. Whilst all mushrooms are edible, the trick is to eat only those which will prove to be edible more than once. The Celebrated Discworld Almanak recommends you play safe and eat beans on toast. The Flying Moose and the Pitcher (or some might say The Bucket) are the signs dominating the heavens and are good for hunters. During Ember, the festival of Kindling Day is held in the town of Fratchwood.