Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre

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Name Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre
Race Human
Age Newborn at the time of Carpe Jugulum
Occupation Heir to the throne of Lancre, presumably
Physical appearance
Residence Lancre Castle
Parents Verence II (father)
Magrat Garlick (mother)
Marital Status
Books Carpe Jugulum

Firstborn Daughter of King Verence of Lancre and Queen Magrat, and heir to the throne. "Note Spelling" was included as Mightily Oats, the priest officiating over the naming ceremony, was unfamiliar with local practices, because her mother Magrat didn't want a repeat of her own name, and due to the fact that Nanny Ogg was standing behind him, with bad intentions on her mind. The last point, in retrospect, would make it seem that adding "Note Spelling" was understandable due to the circumstances. Her first name, Esmerelda, is often shortened to "Esme" as she was named such in tribute to Granny Weatherwax, whom Magrat asked to be her godmother. Her naming took place in Carpe Jugulum, and she was involved with many scenes of the novel - because Granny Weatherwax could not hurt a child, no harm fell upon her from either her or the Count de Magpyr.

In The Shepherd's Crown, it mentioned that the King and Queen have since had a couple more children, making Princess Esmerelda a big sister.