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Publishers' Websites

  • Terry Pratchett - Bibliography, forums and features from Verlagsgruppe Random House / Doubleday / etc.
  • Terry Pratchett Books - A very active forum with members from around the world. Main page also includes current news and information about the books and Terry Pratchett. (HarperCollins)

Blogs and Discussion

National Sites





  • Radio Morpork - a Discworld podcast. Hosts Colm and Steve read each Discworld book in order, and create rankings. Launched August 2015; episodes released sporadically.
  • Pratchat - a monthly Terry Pratchett book club podcast. Hosts Elizabeth Flux and Ben McKenzie read and discuss every Pratchett book (not just the Discworld), each with a special guest. Launched November 2017; monthly episodes, plus occasional bonus episodes.
  • The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret - a weekly Discworld podcast. Hosts Joanna Hagan-Young and Francine Carrel read and recap every Discworld book in order, over three episodes for each book with a week off in between. Launched November 2019; released weekly.
  • Desert Island Discworld - a Discworld interview podcast. Host Al Kennedy interviews a variety of guests about their favourite Discworld books. Launched November 2019; released weekly in seasons of six episodes.
  • The Compleat Discography - a Discworld fancast. “Four nerds” do a book club style read-through of the Discworld novels and related works, in publication order. Occasionally special guests; also intend to cover The Watch. Launched January 2020; released fortnightly.

Teaching Guides

Criticism, biography, commentary

See also:

  • Fan fiction
  • TV tropes - a really neat and entertaining site discussing the recurring "tropes", ie literary shortcuts, stereotypes and literary conventions present in TV, literature and art. A lot of space is given over to Pratchett's work, detailing how the tropes, those conventions, hooks and short-cuts present in the universal consciousness of all creative writers, work in the Discworld.

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