Fat Sally

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Fat Sally runs a catering operation in the town of Little Green/Petit Chou on the border between Quirm and Ankh-Morpork. As with All Jolson, her cooking skills are very well thought of and she is quite possibly the best walking billboard for her own cooking ability. Originally a truck-stop for carters freighting produce between the two cities, she has since expanded, in more ways than one, into catering for train passengers on the Quirm line. She was first seen in Raising Steam as the wagon-halt proprietress of a greasy spoon café. Moist von Lipwig had occasion to challenge the Management on its policy of not serving Goblins, but sugared the threat by assuring her that if she complied, the new railway would bring lots of business her way. She has since set aside anti-Goblin prejudices.

An extant document from the Guild of Trespassers dating from a century before the present deals with the administrative minutae of passing through the border post at Petit Chou and getting into Quirm. Quoted by Mrs Georgina Bradshaw, it explains that fat ladies called Sally have been serving refreshment to travellers here for quite some time.