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Nomes who are native to Florida, the sticky-out bit in the bottom right-hand corner of the continental United States. Descended from the original Nomes who were stranded on Roundworld when their spaceship broke down several thousand years ago, they take the form of very, very, small North American indians with a tendancy to wear grey. Meeting Masklin, Gurder and Angalo was culture shock in both directions.

This tribe consists of approximately 30 nomes led by a tribal elder called Very-small-tree, or Shrub for short and guided by their spiritual leader known as Topknot. They have also cracked the secret of flight and share it with their European brethren after a tasty meal of cooked lizard.

Gurder, in the manner of European priests arriving in foreign parts, was shocked to discover that the Floridians have their own religion, which pays no attention whatsoever to the theological primacy of Arnold Bros (est. 1905). Instead, the Floridians worship the heathen deity NASA, and intense theological debate ensues. Finally the visitors are introduced to the secret of flight.