Fustic Wells

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Fustic Wells is a town on the Altiplano Express Line in between Seven Bangs and Gravelhang. Clever marketing has turned it from an obscure village with an odiferous spring into a pleasant rustic retreat blessed with a healing hot spa. The advent of the railways has significantly enhanced this process and the town is growing quietly rich. Architechturally grandiose new Pump Rooms have been built with facades in the clasical Ephebean style, and the waters are acclaimed to be pecially beneficial to foot ailments. It is not clear if shrines to Pedestriana have been built here.


Fustic Wells follows the history of places like Bath and Buxton and Leamington Spa in Britain, backwater towns with hot springs (generally nasally pungent) that had an ongoing passing trade but really took off as destinations of choice with the advent of the railways.