Gaffer Bird

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Gaffer Bird
Name Gaffer Bird
Race Human
Age Old
Occupation Handlman
Physical appearance
Residence Hollywood
Marital Status
Books Moving Pictures

Gaffer Bird is the handleman of the Moving Pictures company Century of the Fruitbat (a direct reference to Roundworld's Twentieth Centruy Fox) in Moving Pictures. His job is to turn the handle that drives the imps inside the camera to paint the pictures on the strips of octo-cellulose, thus creating film, which is the Discworld version of cinefilm.


'Gaffer' not only means 'old man', but a gaffer is also the head electrician in a film production unit, charged principally with taking care of the lighting. Also, gaffer tape is a less sticky form of duct tape, used universally in the theatre, concert and movie worlds to keep people from stumbling over cables.

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