George Pony

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Mr. Pony
Mr Pony, as drawn by Matt Smith
Age nearing retirement
Occupation Artificer, ex-Head Artificer at the Clacks
Physical appearance Reputable
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status married
Books Going Postal, Thud!

Mr. George Pony is the technological genius who keeps the Grand Trunk running when it is in the hands of Reacher Gilt and his shady business partners during the events of Going Postal. A conscientious man, he is determined to keep his name clear when it all goes ti---- belly-up. To this end he keeps vast quantities of pink flimsies by his side, to prove that he has again and again asked for more time or money from his employers and has always been rebuffed. Well, now the midden has hit the windmill, no-one can blame him.

Clearly an excellent mechanic, he has no idea how to use people and is thus used mercilessly by Gilt. Would love to walk out like some of the other clacksmen did, but being elderly, arthritic and needing to provide for his wife, he dares not. This shames him, but his pride battles against itself, as walking away would also be a loss of face.

Makes a second, fleeting, appearance in Thud!, as a dignitary of the Artificers' Guild, explaining to the Patrician what the Technomantic Devices found in the Dwarf diggings are potentially capable of doing.