Glass House

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This is the house of the anthropomorphic personification of Time. Time has the appearance of a beautiful young woman, and she lives with her lover Wen the Eternally Surprised in what appears to be a house made of glass. It has an infinite number of rooms, each one filled with one perfect moment. It has been referred to as "chronophonic." This may mean "sound of time" referring to the sound reverberating through out each room. This sound was described by Lobsang Ludd, when he was mortal as: "Wet finger on a wine glass? Well you could start there. But the finger would have to be the finger of a god, on the glass of some celestial sphere. And the wonderful, complex, shifting tones did not simply fill the air, they were the air."

Referred to by several important characters, and then finally appears to the readers' eyes in Thief of Time.

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