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The Goblin's Head is the pub in the otherwise un-named vilage where Sam Vimes gets used to being Lord of the Manor and a real Squire because he owns the place. Mine host is the suspiciously eager-to-please Jiminy, and Sam notes an adornment of the wall, among all the legitimate hunting trophies, is a real goblin's head... The pub is dreadfully picturesque, meaning windows that distort light to such an extent that it nearly breaks. Outside are the customary three men that, according to narrative causality, it is compulsory for pubs to have. In this case, the men are triplets, called Long Tom, Short Tom and Tom Tom, to save confusion. The pub's only non-alcoholic drink is root beer that Jiminy's wife makes, which is made from beetroot, chilli peppers and celery seed.

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