Goddess of Plenty

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Elbowed aside by Om in his rush to get to the Game table, further indignity was added when he swiped her Cornucopia to hit another God over the head with it, thus precipitating a mysterious rain of fruit and vegetables over the beach where the army invading Omnia were sheltering from a storm. Possibly a minor fertility goddess whose remit overlapped that of the Summer Lady in some way as, after the events of Wintersmith, it is difficult to see her giving up her cornucopia without a fight or some bad feeling afterwards. Is the implication here that there is more than one cornucopia in Dunmanifestin, despite the main one being made from the horn of Almeg? (Goats do, after all, come with two horns...)

One contributor wonders whether the events of Small Gods took place in winter, when the Summer Lady would be diminished? However, it is always summer somewhere on the Disc...