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One of the most distinguished positions in a Pictsie clan. A Gonnagle is similar to a bard, telling stories as well as reciting poetry and song. However, a highly trained Gonnagle can cause enemies extreme pain through playing music. An instrument called the mousepipes are played. In appearance, they are similar to normal highland bagpipes, but scaled down to Feegle size. However, when played, it creates an unpleasant bubbling sound, which can vary in intensity. Gonnagles can also recite painfully horrible poetry.

They sometimes choose to travel between clans to help spread the history of the Pictsies and are often chosen as bodyguards when a female leaves to become Kelda.

Gonnagles met so far include:

The name "gonnagle" comes from the Roundworld Scottish poet William Topaz McGonagall, known for his exceptionally bad poetry.