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Grag is a Dwarfish-language title for certain quasi-religious figures. It has been translated renowned master of dwarfish lore.

Dwarf tradition has it that the creator left when he was finished, so there is no religion, but there is the lore: the way things are done, and this is better respected than the religions of most of the godly. Grags learn and interpret these ancient instructions and create new ones, occasionally, for new surroundings. They are more the Town Records Office and Civil Court than the Church, but they command a great respect in their communities. Like priests, they may differ in interpretations and form different schools from the Deep-Down Conservatives to the new city-dwelling Reformers.

Grag Bashfull Bashfullsson is a young, modern Daylight Dwarf of Ankh-Morpork; Ardent is the spokesdwarf for a group of leather-plated 'Deep-Down' authoritarians. They clash after the murder of Grag Hamcrusher in Thud!, and further ramifications of the conflict play out during the later part of Raising Steam.


In Judaism a grogger is a rattle like noise maker used on the Jewish holiday of Purim, on which the biblical book of Esther is read in its entirety and the congregation shakes the grogger to 'blot out' the name of Haman, the antagonist. Could Pterry know this?

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