Holy Wood Magic

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Holy Wood magic features in Moving Pictures, and it's power can be harnessed through a different way of thinking. Regular magic takes requires a tremendous amount of energy to sustain something, so when it fizzles out of existence after a fraction of a second, Wizards see it as failure. Victor Tugelbend realizes that Holy Wood magic does not have to work for long, just long enough. Things fashioned from Holy Wood magic are destroyed and created several times a second (funnily enough, this is how the universe works according to Thief of Time). This causes the apparition to flicker, but it is solid and can be interacted with, and this method takes much less magic to keep going.

As long as the "caster" concentrates on believing it, then it shall be. The magic also has to stick to moving pictures convention, as shown by the wizards crashing through a barn in a shower of chickens, despite the barn containing nothing but cabbages. Victor took advantage of this to arrive in the nick of time (as heroes generally do in the clicks), but realised that he still had to play fair - he couldn't sit down and have a snooze for 20 minutes, then get up and arrive in the nick of time.

The magic comes from the power of dreams, and it builds up if there is no-one to worship the guardian who usually keeps it under control. An excessive build-up can cause parodies and a weakening of reality. Things from the Dungeon Dimensions used this last point to get a foothold in the universe and climb through. The abhorrations also had to obey the rules of moving pictures - while they could see and interact with things, they couldn't hear (as 'soundies' had not been invented), and were afraid of fire (as Octo-cellulose is highly inflammable).